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The US Postal Service (USPS) is in crisis — it could run out of money by the end of the summer.  While Congress has provided $4 billion in funding for private courier services like UPS and FedEx as part of the coronavirus bailout, it has provided no funding to the USPS.

Coronavirus is certainly bringing this crisis to a head, as the volume of mail has plummeted.  The most devastating blow to the USPS came in 2006, when Congress passed the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act.  Among other things, this Act required the Postal Service to pre-fund the pension and healthcare costs for retirees for the next 75-years (for future employees who hadn’t even been born yet!). 

This Act also put price caps on first class mail and other services, and required that package delivery couldn’t be priced above its cost.  The year that this Act passed Congress, the USPS made a profit of $900 million; since then, the USPS has been losing money.

The pricing restrictions and the billions of dollars required to fund the pension are why the USPS is operating at a loss today.

Please be sure to send 3 postcards if you're able: one to each of your Senators and one to your Representative.  You'll be sending a strong message AND supporting the USPS!

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The US Postal Service is our original essential service. Dedicated to the public good, it is actually embedded in the constitution.

Only the USPS is mandated to deliver to every address in the nation: No private delivery company will promise delivery to every American. The US Postal Service enables a free press. It delivers vital medications, paychecks, love letters, and benefits. It connects us all. And, more critically than ever before, the Postal Service provides access to the ballot box via vote by mail. Our democracy now depends on it.

The USPS is under attack. Please defend it, support it, and expand it to provide more services. Preserve this essential institution, which has always served all the people.

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